X. International Children Folklore Festival PREDOSLJE 2013

Culture Association, Folklore group ISKRAEMECO Kranj


in cooperation with

PREDOSLJE Elementary school




Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund for Cultural Activities, KRANJ Regional office


X. International Children Folklore Festival PREDOSLJE 2013


October 04th and 05th 2013, House of Culture, Predoslje, KRANJ, SLOVENIA

 Interested groups are invited to apply for:


X. International Children Folklore Festival, »FOS PREDOSLJE 2013«, which will take place on Friday, October 04thand Saturday, October 05th in the main hall of »House of Culture«, Predoslje (3 km north from Kranj) – Slovenia.


Main theme and red line of X. Festival “FOS Predoslje 2013” will be the
Colorful “BOUQUET OF FLOWERS” of cultural heritage in dances, music, singing and words


Conditions for application:

  • • Applied show or choreography must originate from the country or region
    of the group, it should comprise a traditional folk dance(s) and/or game(s)
    campaigned with LIVE performed music;
    • Two shows in length of 8 to 15 minutes must be prepared;
    • Accommodation in student hostel
    • Arrival on October 04th 2013 (by 13:00 hours)
    • Departure on October 05th or 06th 2013
    • Your group shall not exceed 30 persons.


A dance workshop will be organized during the festival where one common dance, which will gather all festival participants at the end of main event, will be selected and rehearsed.


Performed groups will be awarded with special appreciation diploma, DVD and festival Brochure


Filled application forms shall be returned latest by Monday, April 15th 2013, through our web pageswww.folklora.si

or email addresses  marija.senk@gmail.com or info@folklora.si

  • One quality photo of the group should be sent along with application;


Selected groups will receive official invitations and later also festival program with time schedule of performances and all side activities.


We are looking forward for our gathering.


Friendly regards,


Mrs. Marija Šenk, president

Folklore Group ISKRAEMECO Kranj


Contact person:

Mr. Klemen Spehar, vice president

Email: klemen.spehar@iskra-ame.si

GSM: +386 41 680 068